April 22, 2008

Creepily cropped pictures, yes. But the eye colors have somehow become the determined shallow key to my heart. Null and void, though, if he doesn’t make me laugh. Eso es numero uno.

And no, Eliza, you may not live vicariously through my blue-eyed, grey-eyed crushes.

Much love,



March 19, 2008

I can’t get any work done because I have an intense need to dance.


Yours truly,


MOVIES part tres

March 4, 2008

Dear Meg,


“Con Air” only. Maybe “Adaptation”. If I actually saw it. So suck on it.

Much love -Claire

next41.jpgDear Miss Johnson, I strongly suggest that you watch Next. Hey now. Don’t give me that look that I intuitively know you will give me. The one where you look like you’re having a stroke while you make gargling noises.Look, good ol’ Nick Cage hasn’t been on the ball with his career. That’s what makes it hilarious. This aging, balding man thinks he’s badass. Now picture that as a magician with greasy, slicked back hair…with googily Nick cage eyes…and an aura of douche. The movie is… how do I say… strangely hilarious. You kind of laugh nervously from being embarrassed for the Cagemeister.  So bad that is subpar. I don’t know where to end this post.-Meg 

Movies were awesome in 2007. I’m no Emerson film major, but I know what I like. 2007 was intense financially because I probably spent $300 on movies just in the fall 07 semester.

So. These are my favorites…from what I can remember. In no particular order (except the first one).
No Country For Old Men


Based on the Cormac McCarthy novel. Intense, suspenseful, epic. Quiet, also. That was the second best part about the movie. Best – Javier Bardem.

There Will Be Blood


Based on “Oil!” by Upton Sinclair. Yes, it was almost 3 hours long. Daniel Day-Lewis makes it more than worth it.

Into The Wild


Based on Jon Krakuer’s story of Steve McCandless’s life. Cinematography was beautiful. Sean Penn went to every place McCandless stayed. Emile Hirsch is good, but I was most impressed with the fact that he lost 40 pounds just for the last part of the story. Hal Holbrook (above) is good too. I’ve read the novel at least 5 times, so I was really impressed that Penn adapted the screenplay so well and didn’t make it “hollywood” i.e. add a love story that didn’t exist.



Visually stunning. It was one of those movies where you get so wrapped up in it, it feels like you’re actually in the movie. I was surprised that there was a good amount of chemistry between the group cast.



The end of the movie literally makes the entire movie. The cinemotography is beautiful, which I didn’t expect, and it’s a decently good movie until the end punches you in the face. James McAvoy is really good.



Diablo Cody is an awesome writer. The script totally made this movie and the acting was good too. Ellen Page is my hero.



SO MUCH FUN. Planet Terror was more fun than Death Proof, but the latter was better. And anyway, Robert Rodriguez is an asshole. Despite that, loved both.



Simply awesome.



So well-done. Unique story, adorable.

Live Free or Die Hard


So much action. Loved it. I mean, come on, it’s one of the “Die Hard” movies, i.e. you don’t see it for award-winning dialogue.

Lions for Lambs


I saw this movie as a lecture. Most of the people I know that saw it didn’t like it, but I think Robert Redford did a good job and I think Merryl Streep was even better. Tom Cruise is still a douche.

Shoot ‘Em Up


I don’t care what critics said about this movie because I felt like they actually took this movie seriously. Don’t! It supposed to be ridiculous and it was SO good at doing that. Soundtrack got me pumped in every action scene.




The story of the Zodiac killer. I swear I’m not a serial-killer groupie, but when I was a kid and I first heard about the Zodiac killer (probably on a 2-hour MSNBC special), I was super interested. So I’m up for the movie. Also, love Robert Downey Jr and girlie crush on Mark Ruffalo.

Rescue Dawn


I will watch almost anything Christian Bale is in…and no, it’s not because of a crush like my suitemates have for him. I rented this movie and it’s been sitting in our common room for a solid week and a half….I’m gonna get to it soon hopefully….

In the Valley of Elah


Tommy Lee Jones has come a long way from “Under Siege” and “Volcano”. We probably don’t wanna talk about those movies…so here’s a movie that has given Tommy Lee Jones a lot of praise. I think he was a bit underrepresented for his talent in “No Country For Old Men” because by the third time I saw it (seen it 5 times in case you were wondering how much I love that movie), I realized how good he is as the sheriff. P.S. The movie is really about him. He’s that “Old Man”. Alright, I’m done now I swear.



I remembered I had to see this movie when I saw Chris Cooper in the airport and almost had a heart attack. In my mind he’s amazing. If you don’t know him, watch “Adaptation”…or you may remember him from the first “Bourne” movie.

Lars and the Real Girl


One of those movies you think about seeing a lot, but it just never happened. I actually started to notice Ryan Gosling in…no, not The Notebook…but in “Half Nelson”. Still excited to see it.

Lust, Caution


Heard this movie was amazing and different…so I’m in.


The Hills Have Eyes 2


One of those movie I went to see because I knew it was going to scare me and make me laugh because it’s so bad. Instead, I wanted to leave probably 15 times because they enjoyed covering torture porn a bit much… as in focusing a lot one of the freaky people raping the unlucky woman (above). The intro is bad enough when another unlucky woman gives birth to an unlucky/freaky baby…and as soon as it popped out, the monster dude killed her. I’ll pass on Hills Have Eyes tres.



Okay, so this was 2008, but I will always remember it as some of the worst dialogue ever. The special effects were pretty cool, but it was worse than Michael Bay dialogue. Yeah…seriously.

Saw 4


My roommate Jen and I like to see shitty movies that will have entertaining, possibly clever horror scenes. Case in point, seeing more than just the first “Saw”. Yeah…we’re gonna stop now…

The Ex


Oh, Zach Braff and Jason Bateman…you’ve fallen so far. Please recover?

Ghost Rider


First off, I did NOT want to see this, but I did it for Kevin. Bad idea.

The Invasion


I liked the concept but the plot was… off. One of those movies where you every 5 minutes you find yourself shouting at the movie, “Why would you EVER think to do that?!”


I Know Who Killed Me


Nothing to say really…



Ummm….can I just say “it’s a movie based off the Bratz dolls” and leave it at that??



At this point in Nicolas Cage’s career, I pretty much run away from his movies. I try to stay optimistic about his movies by watching “Con Air”.



To put it nicely, I’m not the biggest fan of talking animals. Or talking babies. They scare me.

Overall, I just really want certain wins at the Oscars. As in Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” and “No Country” for Best Picture. I don’t really have a Emerson-Film-Student radar for oscar-winners, but I can still pretend!

Much love,


January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger 1979-2008


If I Could #20

January 8, 2008

If I could meet Javier Bardem, I would probably go into cardiac arrest.



Penelope Cruz is one lucky bitch.

R.I.P. Benazir Bhutto

December 27, 2007

I am finally getting upset about the fact that most people I know have no idea who Benazir Bhutto is. And it’s really sad now because she was truly making a difference towards democracy in Pakistan. I only wish someone as strong as her would impact other troubled countries. I am genuinely sad that she has been assassinated.


Meg on Dating…part 200

December 26, 2007

I might be relationship retarded.I should start collecting cats and beaded sweaters now.  

Meg on Dating.

December 5, 2007

Never again… 892cap012.jpgBut Joaquin- Yes.