Movies Movies Movies…Blah blah part 2

February 29, 2008

next41.jpgDear Miss Johnson, I strongly suggest that you watch Next. Hey now. Don’t give me that look that I intuitively know you will give me. The one where you look like you’re having a stroke while you make gargling noises.Look, good ol’ Nick Cage hasn’t been on the ball with his career. That’s what makes it hilarious. This aging, balding man thinks he’s badass. Now picture that as a magician with greasy, slicked back hair…with googily Nick cage eyes…and an aura of douche. The movie is… how do I say… strangely hilarious. You kind of laugh nervously from being embarrassed for the Cagemeister.  So bad that is subpar. I don’t know where to end this post.-Meg 


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