Actually, this would be probably #6. For months, I have thought about getting the picture of the grenade from the cover of Incubus’s Light Grenades album as a tattoo. I will get it on my upper back. I say “will” because (corny moment) Incubus’s music has been epic in my life – since I was 11 years old. And I personally believe the grenade is a great piece of art drawn by the lead singer Brandon Boyd.


I’m not getting all the details and symbols, like the cross, but I will include several of them.  Estimated cost: anywhere from $300-$500. yaaaay….




October 29, 2007



Yes, Chicagoans, I am a traitor just like my buddy Giuliani. Deal with it.

Actually, now that I write that, I realize I’ve heard it before. My junior year of high school, a girl running for class president gave a speech about her cats. Her name was Stephanie, though.
I’m getting off topic.
I like cats a lot. I have two in NH, but as I go to school in Massachusetts, I don’t get to see them often (it’s been two MONTHS). To make up for missing Doris and Katherine, I watch cat videos on youtube. It’s what I do. I found a great one today. It’s epic.

The director is Simon Tofield; see this & more of his work at Tandem Films

Also, there’s this:

Thank you for your time.

My heroine.

October 24, 2007

Watch this.

And today’s moral?

Don’t fuck around with short chicks, or else they’ll chase you with an axe.


Dumbledore is gay.
Music to my ears and blasphemy to the insane evangelical elite.
I’m excited that such an influential book contains a homosexual character. It really bothers me that there is no diversity on TV or in Movies when it comes to sexual orientation. Sure there is the L Word and the ever-experimenting women of Sex and the City. In most TV shows, if there is a gay character, they are usually the butt of the joke. Why can’t there just be homosexual relations on a show or movie without advertisement, as if it were normal?

Besides diversity with sexual orientation there is still, to this day, lack of diversity with minorities on TV and films. I’m sure you’ve seen them, the token black guy, Asian girl, etc. In a nation that prides itself as being the melting pot and being tolerant to different colors, there is still loud racism around us. Just the other day in speech class, two students of color were talking to me about their problems getting roles. They said that white people received all of the roles. And even when there was a play that required people of color, the white students took up most of the roles. ARRGGG!!!!

Emerson has to be one of the whitest schools ever. I came from a high school where every race was represented (except Native Americans, because, well, I will write you an essay on that another time). My group of friends was the rainbow when it came to race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. I came to Emerson expecting college to be the same sort of diversity only to be majorly disappointed.


I can’t wait for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee to come out in theatres. Not only am I an obvious member but I love movies that go against Hollywood’s standards of beauty.

I can’t wait for bimbo buoy boobs to go out of fashion. They probably won’t, but they’re still gross.

Now I will leave you with a very hot member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committe, Natalie Portman. Man, am I so happy that she’s bisexual.


natalie and her hotness

Why hello there.

October 20, 2007


The first blog post has to be intense. Has to be epic. But the fact that it’s 4pm on a Saturday keeps me from having any sort of brain function. All I can think is…. why is Benicio Del Toro so hot? Why did Scarlett Johannsen get to make out with him in an elevator and I didn’t?! He will be 80 years old and I will still orgasm when I see his face.

mmm sex

– producer-in-the-workings claire